Arja Langdon

Arja Langdon is a California State University graduate majoring in the Business field.  She is a successful entrepreneur and business woman establishing a successful mortgage and real estate company along with insurance, tax and financial services offices and author of the book “Getting Past the Pain: A Guide to Healing”. 


After life changing events in 2007, she is now a single parent and has broken free from 17 years of abuse.  She is now an advocate for women, focusing on helping other women with their wellness; emotional, physical, spiritual,business and financial well-being.  She believes that success begins within.  She is currently heading up our programs for women services.

Chinse Daniels oversees our youth programs and youth activities. Chinse has been working with youth for over 20 years, starting her career as a teen pregnancy prevention counselor and speaker for “Teens Against Sex”, a non profit organization helping to prevent teen pregnancy.  Chinse then moved on to work with youth at The Boys and Girls Club of Stockton, first as a Social Director, then moving up to Site Director.  At The Boys and Girls Club, she created and implemented several youth programs which are still in existence today. 


Chinse has also worked with organizations such as “Beyond the Wall” an organization that provides various functions fordisadvantaged children, as well as “Fire Exchange” a Christian organization that implements programs for at risk youth and teens.  She also served on the diversity committee for Livermore School District in 2006.  Presently, she acts as a youth mentor throughout the community, coaching both cheerleading and softball. 

Chinse Daniels

Walt D. Lauderdale, Jr.

Walt D. Lauderdale, Jr. has provided coordination of real estate and redevelopment consulting projects ranging from redevelopment plan adoptions and amendments, bond financing fiscal consultant reports, property acquisitions, and analysis of residential, commercial, industrial and mixed-use projects and providing housing rehabilitation coordination, in addition to  fiscal consultant services, research, document preparation, schedule monitoring, data analysis, redevelopment consulting, developer negotiation and deal structuring services for the cities of San Pablo, National City, SanCarlos, Cathedral City, the Claremont Unified School District, and the Westminster Unified School District.


Mr. Lauderdaleis the founder of LaDale Investments (Division of LaDale Corporation), a local real estate investment firm.As managing principal of LaDale Investments, Mr. Lauderdale has completed a number real estate projects which include, but are not limited to real estate syndication; lot split developments, new construction projects as well as acquisition and rehabilitation of residential units.


The majority of LaDale Investment’s residential rehabilitation projects range from major clean up of deferred maintenance to significant reconstruction.  He is a graduate of Cal Poly Pomona’s School Of Urban and Regional Planning/Design, and has his extensive experience in redevelopment and real estate advisory consulting services for cities throughout Northern and Southern California.


Jermaine Hagan

Jermaine "Alim" Hagan is the founder of 3-D Sports Academy, founder of Harmony Herb Companyand author of the books "The Science of 7", "The Spiritual and Mental Dimension of Basketball"and “God’s Pharmacy”.  Born in Hawthorne, CA, he is asingle Father of two.  Alim is a student of Metaphysics and Eastern Philosophy. He has also studied herbs and the correlationto healing for over 18 years.  He was born with a passion to help and serve humanity.  Alim uses his gift of speech to inspire and motivates others.


Trina Simmons

CEO of Platinum Tax and Insurance Services and founder of The RoseMarie Foundation.  Trina has a long history of serving the community.  Eightyears ago she saw a need and put her vision to work by forming the RoseMarie Foundation, which is in existence to help teen mothers.  She has taken the lead in coordinating many fundraisers, that have benefited thousands of youth in our local community.  She also serves on the Board of G.I. Jane Foundation.


Shonte Billingsley

CFO of ProwessTransportation Services, Shonte's financial journey started in the early 1990's, where she worked as an accountant for anon profit organization, River Oaks Center for Children.  She realized her knack for numbers and decided to advance her career through education; majoring and graduating in Business;which led her to secure a financial position with the State of California for over ten years.  Leaving the State, she took a position with a transportation company, overseeing all financial operations, acting as the CFO.  Shonte realized her love for helping others and has recently rejoined the non profit sector and is helping non profits in the way of their financial well being.