(HAD Found) has been around since 1999.  We are a grassroots organization working to make the world a better place one dream at a time.  It is our duty to assist our communities in the fight against abuse.


It is our aim to help to stop the cycle of abuse, and make the surrounding environment a safer place for our children to grow, while developing healthy relationships.  A healthy home is a happy home in which we can foster healthy, happy children.

Domestic violence impacts not only the victim, but the victims family, the victims work, the environment, and future generations of the victim. 


Between 7 million and 15.5 million American children witness domestic violence annually, usually causing emotional and behavioral issues, self esteem problems, nightmares, and aggression.   That's roughly 90% of domestic violence cases exposing their children to abuse.


These children are more likely to attempt suicide, run away from home, engage in teenage prostitution, and use and abuse drugs.  Studies show that children who witness the abuse are more likely to perpetuate the cycle of abuse in their own relationships.  It is The Hopes and Dreams program mission to help stop the cycle of abuse!

The Hopes and Dreams Foundation's (HAD Found) mission is to assist in the crusade against the intergenerational cycle of domestic abuse and to provide safe environments for the families within the communities we serve.  HAD Found’s goal is to promote healthy family relationships, develop leaders, encourage independence through education and personal development, facilitate the creation of opportunities for short- and long-term employment as well as provide affordable housing opportunities for low to moderate income families. 


It is our aim to build strong communities through empowering victims of abuse by assisting them with establishing necessary skills for employment and building or rebuilding individual’s sense of self-confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem.